Portfolio Category: Events

Quahog Day 2020
The Cape’s beloved hard-shelled mollusk, Doug, delivered an optimistic message for the 2020 summer. . .
Soaring Over The Sound
Soaring Over the Sound Live Performance
Iditarod 2020 GPS
Short Promo describing new technology in the 2020 Insider GPS Tracker
Cape Abilities Harbor Walk
Cape Abilities works with individuals with Down’s Syndrome & other developmental disabilities.
Seaside LeMans
Each year the Davenport Companies host Seaside LeMans, a charitable race for the Cape Cod community.
Love Yoga Fest 2015
What do you get when you put a park full of yogi’s together with a GH4 and a slider?
Cape Cod Canal Centennial
A celebration video for the centennial anniversary for the Cape Cod Canal.