Lewis & Weldon

By Tom Chartrand / November 29, 2023 / Comments Off on Lewis & Weldon

Lewis and Weldon wanted a commercial that didn’t look “local”. Sometimes “local” means including your kids, your dogs, a wealth of onscreen graphics with everything from discount percentages, scrolling text with hours, prices and specials, street addresses and your favorite lunch spot!* We stripped it all down and showed their work and craft in slow…

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Filling In The Blanks

By Tom Chartrand / November 15, 2023 / Comments Off on Filling In The Blanks

Had the opportunity of a lifetime come about in 2022. My good friend Jon Baime made a life-changing discovery about himself, his parents and his whole life. He wanted to make a documentary about his experience, his newly discovered family members, and reconcile his feelings about the father that raised him. He had a lot…

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Dr. Montillo – CEREC Dentistry

By Tom Chartrand / November 13, 2023 / Comments Off on Dr. Montillo – CEREC Dentistry

Brand Accomplished is a local and national agency that services all modes of business support and marketing. Soon after businesses starting opening their doors they wanted to get on the air for a dental client in Braintree, MA. We put together a two-spot commercial campaign about their service and CEREC dentistry practices. It takes lots…

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Cape Codder – Winter Warmer

By Tom Chartrand / November 9, 2023 / Comments Off on Cape Codder – Winter Warmer

When the Cape Codder Resort renovated their water park they wanted to show it in action. We hired actors, used family member to populate the pools and park for an exciting commercial they used to market in different seasons. Coordinating all the necessary elements takes an organized client and a multi-functional production company. We were…

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