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Cape Symphony – Soaring Over the Sound

About The Project

One of the more intriguing projects I’ve done with Aerial Cinematography was a collaboration with composer Matt Correia and Jung-Ho Pak, artistic director at the time with Cape Symphony. He always had bold visions and very creative shows to always welcome new and younger audiences through the doors of the Performing Arts Center at Barnstable High School.

Matt was commissioned to compose a piece that would be inspired by the aerials I captured around Cape Cod from sunrise to sunset. I provided Matt with a few shots for inspiration and he gave me a digital demo of part of his score. We collaborated for 6 months to bring together the right visuals with the proper sections of the piece and Jung-Ho offered his creative input to bring it home. The piece was performed live to the video at their first concert of 2019.

From the Symphony: “Enjoy the Cape Symphony’s world premiere performance of ‘Soaring Over the Sound’, a unique celebration of Cape Cod’s natural beauty. This extraordinary multimedia piece was the result of a labor of love, combining the efforts of aerial videographer and editor Tom Chartrand and composer Matt Correia in collaboration with Cape Symphony Artistic Director & Conductor Jung-Ho Pak. The commission of the original music was sponsored by the nonprofit Harwich Conservation Trust. ‘Soaring Over the Sound’ was part of the Cape Symphony’s ‘Beethoven on the Cape’ concert in September 2019.”

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